2 Weeks

As I write this, I am sitting in our apartment enjoying a Rooibos cappuccino – a taste of home and one of the many little surprises Switzerland had in store for me!

Two weeks in and it still feels like we’re on holiday however this could be attributed to the gorgeous Spring weather we’ve been having and the fact that the schools are closed for Spring break.  Zurich really comes alive in the warmer weather and everyone has been heading outdoors to soak up the beautiful sun rays.

We are quickly learning our way around town and by “we” I mean Benito and Julia.  My sense of direction is poor to the point of being ridiculous!  I have however downloaded an app (similar to Waze) called ‘ZVV Fahrplan’ which guides me to my destination from the very first bus stop.  It includes all buses, trains and trams and also provides step by step directions in case I need to walk in-between stops.

At the moment, it feels like everything needs to be planned and I am convinced that once we have fully integrated we will be more ‘Swiss’ than the average Swiss citizen.  Lists and spreadsheets have become our new norm and we are constantly watching the clock to make sure that we make it to our destinations on time (the Swiss are particular about time so no more African time for us).

Our local buses depart every half hour and a trip to the closest Migros or Coop (grocery stores) is a 5 minute bus drive plus a 10 minute walk away.  This is done almost every second day as we can only buy as much as we can [comfortably] carry and I’m sure will become more and more amusing to those around us when we start to buy larger appliances and furniture.

The week ahead promises to be a busy one, with school starting on Monday but for now we are enjoying …

… late bedtimes and lazy mornings



… trips to the lake and spontaneous boat trips



… exploring our new city



… a bicycle which arrived yesterday that brings with it a freedom she’s never had (There are however A LOT of rules when it comes to riding a bicycle.  Cyclists need to have insurance and all bikes have to be fitted with a bell as well as front and back lights.  E-Bikes are extremely popular here and if you have one that goes over 25km per hour you need a special type of licence – similar to a driver’s licence).


… each other.  As stressful as this move has been it has only strengthened our family bond.









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