The 100 Acre Woods

I’m not going to lie, since coming to Switzerland, I seem to have picked up approximately 10 283 744kg.  I’m usually pretty good about what I eat but my impulse control at the moment seems to be equivalent to that of a two year old.  This has lead to my morning runs which are quickly becoming a habit and a favourite part of my day.  Unfortunately it is near impossible to run with my heavy Canon but still, every morning I am filled with regret for not having my camera with me.  This morning however, I ditched the run for a walk with my camera so that I could show you all ‘my’ forest.

May I introduce you to my version of the 100 Acre Woods.













Well hello there Sunshine!  My Sunflower loving heart is so happy.  In the middle of the forest we come to an opening filled with a huge sunflower field!



We walked back home through the village which, as mentioned before, is mainly surrounded by farmlands.  It’s a completely different world from the one we just came from but equally beautiful!


(The honey farm and the ‘honey shop’ I was telling you about here)


“How do you spell ‘love’?” – Piglet
“You don’t spell it, you feel it.” – Pooh

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